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Quote from: CMC Scootaloo on 2015 Mar 31, 17:44:05
Maybe it's hugs? That's definitely an action that the game is still missing and it needs to be in it!
I swear, if they implement it that you can hug other ponies, I will do nothing else than running around and hug every pony I meet for the whole first day! :D

@CMC Scootaloo

this would be great. ALL THE HUGS!!!!  :D
Cecil looks cute in his bow  <3
The Retirement Home / Re: Day cycle bug
2015 Mar 19, 16:42:11
@CMC Scootaloo
Quote from: CMC Scootaloo on 2015 Mar 19, 13:24:38
Awww, it's too bad that this didn't happen to me. I remember having myself logged in during the night here and there, but it went away like it should. ono
Can this please be a thing in the finished game somehow? :luna:

or better yet an area where the ground is dark during the day with a sun in the sky and bright during the night with a moon in the sky.
A Discordant Realm or something like that.   :D
woot woot! was insane fun!
Quote from: LaptopBrony on 2015 Feb 19, 21:38:50
It's best to delete the old files and replace them with the new build, so there is less chance of files conflicting

Spoiler: show

it's fun to see all of them right next to each other.
Quote from: Natfoth on 2015 Feb 19, 21:13:18
The launcher is offline. You will need to download the entire client.

ah darn. and here I was hoping to test if it worked. oh well.
I wonder when the launcher will realize that there's an update. -.-
the cuteness of bows!  <3

funtimes all around!
I can't tell if you're looking for screenshots that include your pony or if you're looking for someone to draw your pony.

if it's the first then I suggest scouring every thread on this board for screenshots. I've done it a lot of times now and it's fun to learn about who you were playing with based on what they post. :]

if you're looking for someone to draw your pony then head on over to the art requests board
Quote from: TheFawn on 2015 Jan 24, 14:54:22
I do not like the way they executed this issue.

They put it on Facebook, and nowhere else, like they assumed everyone can get on Facebook. I, for example, am not allowed, and I am perfectly okay with that.

Why not put it on your SITE, where EVERYONE LOOKS FOR GAME INFORMATION?!

It's just common sense!

they did
Quote from: sonny_starbrite on 2014 Aug 08, 00:17:20
Quote from: m2pt5 on 2014 Aug 08, 00:10:21
Quote from: Maldenser on 2014 Aug 08, 00:08:22

hey I have that keyboard

LOL!  We're all going to crash the download server with as many of us that are clicking on it like that.   :P

We crash the site to show our love to the game. LOVE THE GAME MORE EVERYPONY!!
Quote from: Night_Star030 on 2014 Aug 07, 23:16:03
Quote from: Bro1997 on 2014 Aug 07, 23:13:57
Quote from: Night_Star030 on 2014 Aug 07, 23:12:24
Quote from: LitzieCreations on 2014 Aug 07, 23:04:57
The version I downloaded on the last open server weekend will still work, right? Just want to make sure ^-^

You have to upload a new game version because they added stuff, them means that you loose all the data of your character. You have to redesign your pony have the codes for your character to export the PonyCodes into the Unity Character editor when you log-in into the game. :I

Too bad there is no way to save what you earned from the previous game versions. :l

Well, you can't save it because as you've said, they added new stuff so the old versions may have changed since then!

Still bugs that you can't save, I have to start all over to get my little guy his stuff. >:/

But I got the codes saved, so at least I don't have to waste time remaking him.

the creator has been updated since the last OSW so you may need to do some tweeks to your pony once you've imported the code.
Quote from: Howitzer on 2014 Apr 10, 23:23:17
If you still have the older version of LoE, then you need to delete it, a new one will need to be downloaded during the OSW.

do we really need to delete it? I've been assuming as long as you keep the old version and the new one in different folders they shouldn't affect each other.
News Archive / Re: One Week Away!
2014 Apr 11, 18:23:22
 B) aw yeah! My first time around was fun, second time 'round gonna be awesome!
I like that it can popout though it didn't resize vertically when I was trying to set it to a long thin window so I could put it to the side of my screen.
also when I do make it fit to the side of my screen the names and timestamps don't shift inline with the text.
I may just be a bit spoiled being used to a type of chatroom.

I also noticed that when I had it and the index page chatbox open neither was getting all of the messages and I posted in one and it didn't show up in the other.
Resolved Issues / Re: Keep track of threads
2014 Jan 29, 01:00:01
Quote from: Tekner on 2014 Jan 29, 00:50:28

So I guess the question is why you guys can't see it.

It'd be a setting in Admin Control Panel. If I remember right it'd be something that would have to be set board by board under board permissions.
well if anyone wants to go ahead and add me.
note I did try to access LoE via steam by adding it to my games list as a non-Steam game, but I didn't have enough connectivity to actually play with Steam saying I was ingame.