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Started by ShnowyFox, 2023 Apr 10, 16:23:59

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Heyo! I'm Autumn Breeze in game, a level 18 Earth Pony. I don't recall if I've made an intro post before? I tried to look but if I didn't look hard enough then many apologies, and I can delete it or this one, whichever is necessary.
I would love to find people to farm with and hang out with, or just some friends! I also do roleplay and I have a detailed backstory for Autumn Breeze and multiple other OCs for MLP:FIM if anyone is interested. I also do roleplay in other fandoms and with standalone characters! My schedule is a bit of a mess, but I am EST and I get the most play time in the evening during week days, and during the morning would be weekends, but I play throughout the day.

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