Missing Hullabaloo? And not only...

Started by A'kiRka, 2023 Mar 20, 07:50:13

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2023 Mar 20, 07:50:13 Last Edit: 2023 Mar 20, 07:52:13 by A'kiRka
Quest nameIt's Party!

During the dialogue on stage, when Hullabaloo asked to replace him during the party, I lost my internet connection and the game froze. Later, when I entered the game, the entire quest was completely reset
There are no markers! The quest stood still, others can't take my plot development stopped (((
I need Hullabaloo for the spring quest, but it's not there. I ran around the whole world, there is no place where he can stand (
I tried deleting the folder via Win+R %appdata% , nothing changed.

I pasted links to screenshots of the problem, they are not displayed in the post

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