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Once a great warrior of fire of the Pantheon system he sought to free his people from the god of darkness and his army. on a scouting mission in another world he met another freedom fighter fighting for her homeland after introducing herself as Aerith; she invited Nick to her scouting mission the 2 completed the mission successfully. the 2 would continue to do missions together and became very close friends, but 1 day during an infiltration mission the 2 fell under an ambush and taking the order to flee with the enemy troop movements Nick fled with a broken heart. after sending the information Nick went to see if Aerith was alive, but no evidence proved she was alive or not. Nick left the freedom fighters of both worlds that day and gave up being a warrior for the quiet life as a monk of the goddess of time. years passed until 1 day the goddess of time appeared before him and said " the 1 you seek is still alive she is in another dimension, if you wish to reunite it will require you to know chronomancy and become a warrior once more. do you accept?" Nick thinking back on the happy memories the 2 shared. Nick replies "agreed". 3 years later at full strength and a master of chronomancy Nick appears before the goddess of time. "well done my sage now go defeat the darkness that plagues your homeland  and then you will be reunited with the 1 you seek" says the goddess.
during the last battle the god of darkness curses Nick with powerful magic and casts him into a portal that send him to Equestria. the curse made Nick weak losing his sword and a large portion of his magic. Now Nick seeks out Aerith, return to his former strength ,return home and defeat the darkness once and for all.