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If anyone is interested in Real Time Strategy games, a friend and I are making our own called ReCompile.

Recompile is a RTS for the PC that hearkens back to the golden age of the genre. As the player, you take the place of a spaceship AI that has crash-landed on a hostile, alien planet. In order to escape, you must rebuild your ship by gathering the pieces that has scattered across the planet's surface. Be careful though, because there is an entire ecosystem waiting there to wipe you out.

Some of the major gameplay features are:
-   Battle and build across five different map types that directly influence both your droid units and your enemies, for better or for worse.
-   Analyze and assimilate alien technology into your own units to give them new abilities and to make them more powerful.
-   Each area is watched over by a powerful boss enemy that you must defeat in order to retrieve your vital spaceship parts. It is up to you to discover which way is the best to do so.
-   You have the option to program your units with a vast list of different and customizable commands. Save your programs, assign one program to all your droids, or give each droid a different program. Micro managing is a thing of the past.

The game is still in really early development, but we've taken the opportunity to put it up on kickstarter here:

Thanks for checking it out, and tell us what you think.

Music Archive / Re: Piano online!
2013 Aug 12, 22:56:08
Obligatory My Little Pony intro: (100 beat)
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t u t r   u     e r e w   l     q   w   e   r   e   we r  e     tttt tr e t r  e   we r  e   ertu y t r et r     eee t ui u  errr r r tt r    er t eyuui u  e r r r u i uu qw e   we r  e    ertu y t r e t   e

Some random thing that can loop well: (300 beat)
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Off-Topic / Re: FUNNY image Thread!!!
2013 Jun 16, 15:59:10
Off-Topic Archive / Funny Videos thread
2013 Jun 16, 14:59:37

Nothing ever happens here in Minnesota...  DD:

No one ever considers the plight of the poor college students and their inability to go anywhere that require expensive plane rides and hotels.  DD:

That would be moi, and thanks for the complements! :D

It is, however, not up to me what goes on youtube; so I'm sorry I can't help you there.
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2012 Aug 29, 19:11:32
The Retirement Home / This Day Aria Remix
2012 Aug 09, 22:03:58
Figured I'd try something new.

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This guy named Illustrated had a remix contest recently.
I entered.
I didn't win.
Surprise, big not. (Had fun though)

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