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Introductions Archive / Hello !!!
2015 May 02, 17:23:39
Hello !!
My name Jajan (pseudo) ! I'm 15 ! :D
Actually, I'm French but I found this site by a friend, but I almost know before when there was a link on another forum.
Favorite ponies are: Octavia M., Lyra, Fiddlesticks, ...
My talents (Yeah, I have several !) are: music, drawing, computer ! <3
My favorite princess: Princess Celestia.
My favorite is villaine: StarLight Glimmer.
I am interested in the MLP 01.03.2015 exactly, but the reason is a secret....

I already went to French-Brony, but there, I really did not fully accept me, you insulted me and more but I'm long gone, and so it is not a good community there !

I told you almost everything !

See you soon !!!! 0:)

Spoiler: show
PS: I am aspie !! It seems that it is not a shame to say.... X3