My Soon coming Story!!

Started by PanDJ03, 2018 Mar 16, 13:19:26

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Hello fellow people!!I just joined in this site today and it's amazing!!I come into the section and I see that nobody's in this section. I started thinking that I should writr a story since well.. somebody must be here if there reading this.. anyways, continue on about the subject. So like  was saying I'm going to start writing a story but I have at least one thing to say: PLEASE DO NOT COMPLIN!

I've alway's wanted to be a writed and I'm trying my best to make that dream comes true!So please no negative comments about my very first story! Like I say: If you have nothing good to say, Don't say anything.

Thank you for understanding fellow Ponies!! :P <3

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I thought about this, but I think I do best at romance *blush*
I kinda want to know about it tho!!

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