What pony race are you?

Started by ScribbleStitch, 2016 Sep 22, 16:15:08

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If you lived in equestria, what race would you be

Earth pony
Other creature
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Quote from: Cyree123 on 2016 Sep 22, 16:15:08
I'm a unicorn ^-^

I'm a tiger. I know it's not exactly an Equestrian race, but hey, they exist in Equestria. :)
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Well depends on witch one I use, mainlky a Dragon pony, but I also have a unicorn, a plant pony, a hippogrif, bat ponies, and aquatic draconisequis and alternate version of some of mine like a changeling (original not new) being normlal isn't my thing hehe.

I have to manny oc's hehe.


Unicorn. Because, well, UNICORN :D
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https://t.facdn.net/[email protected] not sure how to just have the picture not the link but ya. That's my oc  Moondance 😄😄😄😄
I am a cream colored mare with a white horn with a brunette mane & tail.


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Pegasus. Other OC do not have (what are they needed for?).
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Pegasus  ^-^

Master Masher

not to offend any pony but i am an alicorn and my mom is a unicorn.
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Of the three main pony races, I think I would be an earth pony, but...

I'm definitely a changeling, if I think about it. A benevolent one, but still...

In real life, I'm pretty much a changeling to begin with. To start, I have a strange empathetic sense I can't really explain.

No, that's a lie. From what I have researched (since I was confused about it), when a person experiences an emotion, it causes the brain to undergo certain electrical signals, which creates a unique electromagnetic field. This causes interference with other electromagnetic fields (i.e., on other people), and those sensitive to them will be able to detect it.

I believe this is the same way dogs and other animals detect emotion.

Oddly enough, this also means that I can often detect emotional trauma as well (the way they express emotions in their brain actually feels wrong for some reason).

That, and I think stealth is really cool. In Nerf wars with friends, I was always that one guy with the single-shooter pistol that stayed away from everyone and sniped.
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Quote from: DarkSpectre on 2016 Nov 22, 15:31:15Changeling.
Quote from: DarkSpectre on 2016 Nov 22, 15:31:15Changeling. Not just because my OC is one. I don't feel "love" in the same way as most people, it seems.
i feel like a Changeling in real life too. so your not alone there.i also have this feeling of being safe in a costume i don't know why i do.
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Cloudy Skies

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I'm a variety of creatures. But I'm a Pegasus.  If ponies had Ancestry DNA, this would be what comes up:

2% Bat Pony
3% Dragon
65% Pegasus
30% Changeling

My great great grandpa Osborne Skies was a bat pony.
My great cousin 4th removed Monelite was a dragon.
I'm a Pegasus.
My mother's side of the family was mostly Changeling, but when my mom didn't accept their ways she was forced to fight in the Changeling War, where she died.
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Okay, so. I'm in real Alicorns, why? Because my mother unicorn and my daddy bat. But daddy was with size watermelon, but we not say him that he fat XD
I'm the only alicorn in world. And I not feel lonely. I want be loner

Night Striker

Out of the three pony races, I would be a pegasus, mainly because I love doing stealth in games, and I imagine pegasi would be the best to do so, being able to stealthly fly over guards and whatnot.

But in general terms, I do have many OCs and I try to keep a balance for the three main races, but pegasi and unicorns always seem to outnumber the earth pony OCs lol

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Pumpkin Glow

I have always identified with unicorns the most, even back when I was a kid and Gusty was my favorite pony.  ^-^

Mostly cause I was always fascinated with magic and supernatural things, actually have a fear of heights (hence no pegasus, I actually get nauseous when looking down from even moderate heights, lol) aaand it's also very helpful to be able to manipulate the world around you with magic, instead of having to carry stuff around in your muzzle... or like write with a pencil in it. :p


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Unicorn,Because Doing Magic Seems A'lot More Interesting Than Flying
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Crimson Tail

Pegasus because the ground is boring, though I've got a mix across all 8 of my ponies, with one being pegasus, two earth, one unicorn, 3 batponies, and a pegasus/zebra mix.
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Master Masher

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i voted on the poll before my OC got its big changes so can i change my vote.if so how do i do it?
Hi master masher. master as in well a master at button mashing. i am a gamer planing on braving youtube as"Master Masher" what ever it comes down to. Still figuring out the kinks with the running LoE and my profile


If I had to choose an intelligent creature, it would be a hippogriff / seapony. Best of both worlds, though I would prefer the seapony life.

If I could be a non-speaking creature, then it would be either a fruit bat, or a Cipactli.
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Most likely a unicorn but, I cannot help but to fawn over bat ponies. They are just so fluffy and the closest thing that is my non-pony vampire persona.  <3


I picked unicorn because I have always wanted the ability to fly.

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