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What's gonna be in gen 5? Discuss!

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Remember to use Spoilers when discussing.
I draw your OCs, or any other pony you would like me to draw, huehue. Example of what it might look like:

PM me or post a request for me to draw in this topic. I can discord you or PM you the final art. My full forum name is Cloudy Skies (Carroteater7) and my Discord is Cloudy Skies#7775

Past ponies that I have drawn:

Art / Cloudy Skies's New Artwork
2018 Apr 24, 10:26:54
Did some art, hope you enjoy  ^-^

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Cloudy Skies

Also Cloudy Skies

Cloudy Skies also
   Cloudy Skies

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Scratched Vine

My friend Wordsmith

My friend Jet Black

Random Ponies

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Playwright Producer

Elite Magnifique

Gray Lotus
My other OCs
Discuss!  O:
Original Characters / Cloudy Skies
2018 Apr 18, 17:52:19
Hi, I'm Cloudy Skies.

Looking to join some RPs, reply if you would like me to join.
Spike or Angel or in-between? Hoping to make a poll soon after some answers come in. Discussion encouraged! I personally like Winona, for obvious reasons. :]
Pony Off-Topic / Fluttershy Fans
2018 Mar 31, 16:29:06
Fluttershy seems to be the most popular pony, while I like Rainbow Dash.  :3
Anyways, I was wondering if some Fluttershy fans could tell me why they think Fluttershy is awesome.  :D

Discussion encouraged!
Have fun.  *-*

So I guess this is a roleplay where players create a story to how the changelings were pretty much made.

Sign up sheet:



Name: Dusk
Age: 28
Role: Leader of the changeling army
Personality: Kind of grumpy at sometimes, and will jump at the chance to defend the changelings at any cost. She is also a good role model and is good at making changelings follow her lead.
Are you good, evil, or neutral?: She is neutral.
Other: None
Anything else you'd like to add: None
No doubt about it, YOU ARE A CHANGELING. Because if we had like a Princess Celestia here then the roleplay would be KABOOOOOM. And we don't want that. Changelings were here before ponies and we want to create a changeling backstory in a roleplay form. Just fill out this sheet...

Are you good, evil, or neutral?:
Anything else you'd like to add:


Name: Dusk
Age: 28
Role: Leader of the changeling army
Personality: Kind of grumpy at sometimes, and will jump at the chance to defend the changelings at any cost. She is also a good role model and is good at making changelings follow her lead.
Are you good, evil, or neutral?: She is neutral.
Other: None
Anything else you'd like to add: None


Actual roleplay:
 ;) Hello! I am looking for a pony who can do art really well, because I can't and I need some portraits of me! lol
Anyways, I'll give you an 10 apples each time you make a piece of artwork! Thanks!

This is basically a roleplay about a family going on vacation, it will be a NOT REAL theme park located in Equestria called "Princess Extravaganza Theme Park - Learn About All The Princesses and Play Fun Games!"


Anyways, here is the stuff you need to fill in before you can join us.

Looks: (You are allowed to put a picture here, but not required. If you do not know how just post a detailed response of your looks.)
Basic Description and Personality of Character:

Spoiler: show
Name: Cloudy Skies
Role: Mother
Personality: Funny, kind of a scaredy cat, smart.
Looks: (I do not know how to put in a pic.) Gray coat, white eyes (I am blind from a dragon attack as a foal) gray white and black mane.
Race: Pegasus
Age: 34
Basic Description and Personality of Character: As a foal, I had a friend that decided we should go to the Evershade and see the dragons. I accepted, then once we got there he said I should go first. I did. I got there and he left me. The dragons attacked me and made me blind. I had to flee and I never saw my friend again.


Cloudy Skies entered her house, a gray paint lined the doorways and windows and the house was white. She saw her family sitting around on the couch. "I just won a prize to go to the Princess Theme Park! We all need to pack!" she said, holding up the gift card she won. Her family was surprised.
"So, lets do this." Cloudy said.
Off-Topic / Favorite LoE Youtuber?
2018 Mar 05, 22:33:04
Hey everypony! This is a poll for your favorite YouTuber that does videos on LoE. Personally, my favorite would be Tootsie4Ever or Tootsie Roll. He is really funny and has a nice side too. My favorite video by him:
Introductions / Cloudy Skies Arrives!
2018 Mar 05, 22:21:58
Hey everypony! My name is Cloudy Skies, my username is Carroteater7 and I decided to post inside the Introductions to try to get myself known! My main pony is Cloudy Skies so that is why I have her as my name.
Here's my full list of ponies.
  • Cloudy Skies
    Elite Magnifique
    Newsie Pap
    Playwright Producer

Newsie Pap isn't really mine, I let my sister use my account for once.  X3

So, good night/good evening/good morning/goodbye!
Hearthswarming Trees

Welcome  to  the first edition of the News Crew, and our first topic is Hearthswarming Trees, we talked to a lumberpony about Hearthswarming Trees, "Well, not many ponies know that we are low on trees and ornaments." he said. "But we might be able to produce enough for next year. We aren't sure."
Save your ornaments and go ahead and buy a fake Hearthswarming tree! Lets hope that we have enough for next year!   ono

Stay tuned for next week! Happy Hearthswarming and Hearts and Hooves Day!
Canterlot Archives / Family RP (No Sign Up)
2018 Jan 26, 18:59:22
Ah, one of the popular roleplays.
I come from a different kind of game, which roleplays differently.
We don't make it up.
It forms in every letter we say.
Now that you know...

Welcome to my family roleplay!
I'm the mother. My name is Cloudy Skies. I'm a Pegasus. (BTW, all the RPers that are in the Skies' family have to have their last name Skies.)
I have more than one cutie mark...
I have 2.
Like a normal Pegasi, my cutie mark on my right flank is a cloud. Which means I like cloudy weather.
While the cutie mark on my left flank is parchment and a quill, which means I'm an author.
So fill in this: (The blanks you fill in.)

Name:____________ Skies
Race: Pegasi
Cutie Mark: _______________________

Happy roleplaying!

*Walks into the house* Hello family!
Thread Games / Would You Rather 1
2018 Jan 26, 16:48:48
Hi! This is a game my family plays.

So basically you ask or answer a question given by someone. An example:

Would you rather be Ellowee or Perry?

Video Games / Play Animal Jam?
2018 Jan 26, 15:47:24

Yup. So do you?

Well if you don't and want to join, just go to and make an account.
Animal Jam is a fun game, I'm Carroteater7.
It's learning based, so if you babysit and want to have that little kid not be trouble, you might want to make a Guest Account and let him/her play it.
It's by National Geographic too.

 ovO  ovO  ovO  ovO  ovO  ovO  ovO  ovO  ovO  ovO  ovO  ovO  ovO  ovO  ovO  ovO  ovO  ovO  ovO  ovO  ovO  ovO  ovO  ovO
 :D  :D  :D

Hi Equestria! I'm looking for some ponies to join my News Crew Team. It's just a group of ponies who go look for news in Equestria.

To apply  just follow these steps:

1. Say your username and pony in that account that you want to join.

2. Be sure to get at least 1 STORY per week.

3. Always be nice, you wouldn't feel good if someone was being mean to you!

4. I'm the News Editor. So just make sure to friend me before applying, I'm Carroteater7. Friend all of my ponies to make sure I can keep track of you.

5. If someone doesn't want to be interviewed, leave them alone!

6. When making a story to send to me, don't make it mean. We don't want ponies not liking our team because somepony had a grudge on a user and put it in their report!

Thats pretty much it.  ^-^  ^-^

See ya! ;)  ;)
I really like Rainbow Rocks!
Never come back again, sirens! D:
Which pony would be you? I think I would be Scootaloo! 0:)
Introductions / Cloudy Skies
2018 Jan 08, 18:18:22
Hi! My pony name is Cloudy Skies, I signed up on September 9th, but the game let me get into it around about 3 months later. My main pony is Cloudy Skies, I do have others like Soarin, and Dusty Caverns. I spend sometime in SCC, and my besties on there are Syriel Nightfall and Pianote Keys. They are really funny when they want to be. And Pianote does have a rude streak, but he is still one of my best friends.  :]


I have created a photo for my OCs!

Writing / Acolyte Adventures (Backstory)
2018 Jan 06, 16:58:22
This is just the backstories of the characters to the story I'm creating!  X3

Cloudy Skies: An orphan, she made friends with a soon-to-be Acolyte. She followed her best friend, Eight to the dragons in the Evershade, Cloudy got there and turned around slowly, watching Eight run away. The dragons hurt her and now she is blind.

Syriel Nightfall: Lover of apples, she isn't really mysterious, though no one ever asks her about her story. All I can tell you is that she loves apples and her best friend is Pianote Keys.

Pianote Keys: As a foal, Pianote, Syriel, and Pianote's sister Winged Note would play together after school. Soon as the ponies grew up, Pianote and Winged ran into some Acolytes, the Acolytes took Winged and made her into a spirit. Now Winged Note is Pianote's spirit guardian.

What the story is going to be about:
Real RP adventures in the game, LoE, Pianote and Syriel and Cloudy are real people! We do this roleplay lots of times. So this is just writing down what happens to us!
 In this post, you will reply to this and in that reply make your own roleplay, there will be a winner at the end, there is no prizes, it's just for fun. I'm looking for...

Good Grammar :D

Good Backstory X3

Good Puncuation ;)

And finally just a good vibe! :/