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Resolved Issues / Automatic Scroll
2017 Aug 25, 20:13:11
There used to be a little arrow on the right-hand-side of the topics that would take you to the last post in the topic. Did that change with the layout or is it just not there?
Pony Off-Topic Archive / Collectibles
2016 May 27, 16:50:52
For anyone who has the vinyl collectible figures like pic related, how are they? Do they seem worth the money?

Video Games Archive / The Longest Game
2015 Sep 10, 22:54:47
Ever had a game from your youth that you played but because it was too hard to beat you put it down and forgot about it for years?
             I recently finally beat Spyro 2, and it took over 10 years to complete.

             Post your game and total time if it also took you a ridiculous amount of time to complete.
Reminder on the rules, objective, and idea of the thread.

Basically the idea is this: We post a song, any song, that we like. The following poster must listen to it, even if it is not a genre he/she likes and critique it. What did he/she like, what did he/she not like? You get the idea.

A few simple rules to follow:

1. No rick-rolls, trololo, stupidity, etc. The exception to this is if you actually want someone to truly critique the song. Otherwise, don't. It's not funny.

2. A song must be listened to, in full, before critiquing it. The only exception to this rule is if the song is fifteen or more minutes.

3. When you critique a song, actually critique it. No going, "I liked it," or, "I hated it." Give a reason.

4. This wasn't a rule in the last thread, but I thought of it a while ago: Post a Youtube link to the song (obviously), but also post the name and artist in your post. That way, if the video gets taken down, or isn't available in the next poster's country, they can look it up and listen to it.

5. Remember to follow the rules of the forum and not post anything incredibly vulgar or offensive. We have a large age range of users browsing the forums. If your song does contain any vulgar language, kindly point it out when posting the song.

With that, I'll get this thread started
Spoiler: Bon Jovi- Bad Medicine • show
So, as all you Whovians know, Peter Capaldi has officially taken over as the new doctor. This topic might seem  a bit late (pretty late) but no one has yet to put one up. For those who have seen the premier, talk about it! Let us know about how much you liked (or disliked) it (spoiler it of course). For those who haven't seen it, how do you think Number 12 will do?
As you know, quite a few jokes, plots, and even characters are references to different books, movies, and even myths. Some you know, some you may not have, so why not try and find them?
I'll start.
In Somepony To Watch Over Me, Applebloom encounters a Chimera, a beast with the head of a lion, goat, and dragon.
This creature is from Greek Mythology, in which the hero Bellerophon uses the Pegasus to gain the advantage and kill the creature, earning him the title of Hero.
Find the weirdest music video you have seen and post it here.
See if you can beat these.
Let us know who you got tickets to go see in concert, or maybe share one of your best concert experiences.
It would be nice if there was a mass E-mail people could sign up for notifying them on events (such as the ones posted on the home page) so I'm not a week late every time.
Original Characters / My OC, Howitzer
2013 Jun 12, 00:25:51

If you ask anypony about him they might say he's a normal pony, as normal as they come. But that's the side side most ponies know about. Put him on a battlefield and he turns into a happy lunatic with an itchy trigger finger leaving no rock unturned or building still standing.

As a young colt he was as normal as any colt, doing the typical burning ants with a magnifying glass or lighting small fireworks. But his turning point, the day he saw rainbow dash's sonic rainboom, he knew there was bigger and better stuff to destroy. Through many trial and errors that almost always ended with his house burning down he finally mastered amateur pyrotechnics. his skills have been put to use assisting the mane-six in a lot of sticky situations.

He lives in a large house-like bunker just outside of ponyville, complete with, construction lab, testing range, weapons storage, and other home amenities.  his typical clothing is occasionally a helmet, but he usually wears a WWII jacket, and backpack over both sides of his waist that stores all kinds of survival gear, tools, and weapons.
Introductions Archive / Ready to roll
2013 Jun 11, 23:50:16
My email has been validated, my account is all customized, and I'm all ready to begin my never-ending flood of posting.
looking forward to seeing you all. A few things about me: Good with history, devoted brony, gamer, in serious need of a few brony friends. see ya in the forums!