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2 years later i'm back on this thread again  :]
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2019 Jan 13, 19:39:26

I recently found out that LittleVMills made a cover of Bonnie Tyler's I need a Hero and i've been listening to it at work, quite good cover tbh.
Steam Announcement

The game will be free from 2017-06-08 until 2017-06-21 just in case anyone is interested  :]
Spoiler: show
I would stay away from the comments on the announcement since some ppl are kinda salty about the giveaway

Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2017 May 05, 23:07:11

Some might have heard this one on the kitchen Scene in X-Men: Days of Future Past with Quicksilver
Heh ye i've been there, i lost my password for the account for a year and a half, after i Stopped playing Diablo, but i got it back with the support team.

Post Merge

I found a group for the following weeks to make the challenge, but if anyone here needs help with it i will be glad to lend a hand(hoof?), i will leave the thread open till May 22 when it finishes  :]
For those who may want to get the Oni skin for genji or the D'va cop skin on overwatch and 10 loot boxes u can get it by completing the nexus challenge on Heroes of the storm until May 22 2017, the challenge is to play 5 games with a friend from your friend list each week until may 22, the first week can be done vs bots but the following weeks it has to be quickmatch, thing is that i don't have anyone added that plays HoTS heh, i barely add ppl on soo if anyone wants to do the challenge to get the skins for overwatch i would gladly add and play HoTS(it's either that or try to drag my friend to it and he hates blizzard
i haven't been that active on the forums for a while so i hope this kind of thread is not against to rules somehow  :I

This is the official blizzard site link with the challenge info

I will check this tomorrow after work to see if there is anyone interested of if the thread has gone cold  X3
All time Favs(by this i mean that i played several games in the franchise so i can't pick just one of em)

-Metal gear Series
-Gears of War series
-Halo Series
-Dark souls series
-Monster Hunter Series

-Warframe(it has not been that free to play for me)(*feels bad*)
-League of Toxicity(ye...)(i have spent more money on this than i should have)
-Titanfall 2

And many more, but those are on the top of my list atm

Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2017 Apr 07, 23:31:18

Pretty good one from Foo fighters alongside with Best of you
A mix between Warframe and Overwatch, a friend suggested me to get overwatch, even tho i'm not that much onto competitive fps shooters i ended up loving it at the end heh.
Guild Archive / Re: [Herd] Mint Kingdom
2016 Jul 29, 02:53:16
Quote from: Proudy Hooves on 2016 Jan 15, 08:27:35
Aye, i'm also the member of the herd, but until the server test i don't lurk on this forum much.

Same here, haven't been on the forum in a while but since i don't have to work on the weekend i'm gonna see how much the game has improved.
Right now is a tie between Warframe and Monster hunter generations there's a lot of new stuff on MH and i've been enjoying the prowler mode a lot (tho i feel it to be a little bit underpowered but that's just me) and warframe with the load of new stuff on specters of the rails and the upcoming War within it's going to be difficult to split my spare time for both.

listening to this one a lot lately

Spoiler: PD • show
@LCtails  to put the video you can also try only using the info after the = in the url, for example: this is the complete URL of the vid i linked above
because i put the whole url unchanged it shows a hyperlink but you only need what's after the = which is only this gGdGFtwCNBE now you put this between the square parenthesis of the youtube command which is the one with the tiny youtube icon on the command tab, up to this point its going to look this way [code]
[/code]if it's like this then it should work but if it shows #invalid youtube link# then either something is wrong with the command or the video cannot be linked this way which happens with a few videos, i do it like this in several forums that use this same engine so it should work for you too i hope.
Been playing Space Engineers a lot lately, i bought it some time back but never went too deep into actually learning the controls and everything but now that i know the game is really fun and interesting though they still have to make several fixes to the multiplayer net-code to stop the players from glitching out inside of other players ships but is not a game-breaking problem in the end and the game is enjoyable.
Games that only have 1 save slot and if u want to make a new game u have to wipe out completely your previous hard earned progress otherwise u can't, nowadays is not that usual to see that but still i have some bad memories about certains games and one that accidentally erased from a friend ps2 memory card, sometimes even after all this years he still brings the topic of the erased file lol, the pain never leaves apparently.
Quote from: Rikaria on 2016 Mar 14, 01:11:08
It's just Monster Hunter Generations. Monster Hunter X (Cross) is the Japanese name.

Ya but from seeing a lot of ppl writing MHX generations it kinda got stuck in my head  X3


[B]Nintendo id:[/b]Cross

[B]Games:[/b]Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
               Pokemon Y
               Pokemon Alpha sapphire

[B]Friend code:[/b]3368-4962-4932

Feel free to add(and tell me to sync) i mostly play monster hunter so if u want to hunt or need just ask, also looking forward to MHG
Quote from: Chromastone64 on 2016 Mar 12, 08:17:37
League Of Legends is a really good game, it's just the community is more toxic than Donald Trump.

Sadly you're absolutely correct in that but even though i like the game a lot too.

I'm currently playing Monster hunter 4 U a lot(with high emphasis on "a lot"), i'm now waiting for the release of MHX generations on the summer, the game already looks awesome and from what i heard it has even more content than MH4U.

I really like the chiptune music in this game, even bought the ost bundle with the game on steam.
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2016 Jan 08, 00:06:33
RWBY Grimm Eclipse has been released recently on steam fresh from the greenlight and straight onto the early access, i got it yesterday and is a really good game( extremely short at the moment but good), the gameplay reminds me a lot of Dynasty Warriors which is a plus for me since i like that game, the game is really short at the moment as i said before and probably does not worth the $15 but since still is in early access is understandable but for now the only thing left is to wait for more content to be released.