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Video Games / Other Pony Games
2018 Aug 12, 06:14:00
May be inappropriate to advertise other Pony games here, but just thought I'd ask if people had other suggestions for finished Pony related games. A couple I could suggest would be:

"Fallout Equestria: Remains." A side scrolling shooter/exploration. Very well done, but a bit dark given the Fallout background. Very good, worth a look if you like side-shooters.

"Fall of Anterfold Outland" A bit of a horror style game, but there are several in the series. I had a very hard time getting it to work, and not fantastic from what I saw.  Also had my antivirus think it had malware, but that seemed to have been a false positive. Probably wouldn't recommend it.

Many fan games seem to be quite dark. Anyone got some suggestions of more lighthearted/positive games?