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I can assure you all, we are looking at this, and working to fix it. ^^
Pony Off-Topic Archive / Re: Game Progress?
2017 May 03, 22:28:36
Well, I mean, as we've seen from previous Open Server Weekends the game is no longer as choppy as it used to be, and it has many new features!

As for, progress seeming to have stopped, just check the main website! Or our social media for that matter! We're always trying to show you that we are still alive, and kicking like mad mares!
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(Not directly involving the above post)

I was just wondering. As a student that goes to school 8 hours a day, and probably only has a 2 hour opening every day to work on this, would that be alright?
I would try to devote more time but I have many programs I'm involved in for economical purposes.
My Little Artists

Friendships are Dead-Weights

[move]Current News: We have finally set up our Herd forum post. To-Do List: 1, Wait till Herds are implemented in-game. 2. Set up our website. [/move]

Welcome to our community! This is an group of friends who all happen to be artists and we had a funny name idea. The name is not permanent. You can Join through Invite, or Our Google Form mentioned below.

How can I join?

If you were invited by someone, then I should have added you already, if not, then use this link to apply.

What do you guys do?

We talk on Skype, and we play LOE when the servers are up! ^~^ (Which is almost never  >.< >A<)
((May I ask... Can I join in this late in the RP?  :o