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Pick two activitys, one for Doodleing, another for game. Special: 14 days!

Draw a Changeling
2 (50%)
Play Fight
1 (25%)
Draw a Wolf
1 (25%)
Play Corupt a Wish
0 (0%)

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Author Topic: [Herd] The Doodleing Roleplaying Pack[please join..]  (Read 118 times)

Offline Aqua Fire

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Hello!! Welcome to The Doodleing Roleplaying Pack!! Here, you doodle, roleplay, and talk!! I doubt anyone will join, BUT WHO CARES!!!! i do..shut up.

 B) HI!! I'm Flame!! I'll be your Role play instructer. I give you fun little challenges and games to play every week!! Just put what you want to do in the poll, AND LETS HAVE SOME FUN!!! Oh, and, I guess follow the rules.

 >.< Oh.. Um.. Hi.. I'm... Drop.. I'm your.. Doodleing instructer.. I challenge you to draw something.. Every week.. That the poll tells you to.. Um.. Yeah.. You see, I'm a little.. Shy..

:ellowee: Well.. That was.. Interesting.. Anyway, I'm Aqua Fire!! I'm the leader and conversation starter. Flame and Drop are my two helpers. Talk about split personality When the conversation starts to slow down, I'll ask a question that will get the conversation started again. Or, Flame and Drop will get the party started. To join, simply fill out a form, and choose if you want to mainly do games or drawing. Each month, we will have a form to see who will be co-leader, and will help with events. Well, now time for rules. REALLY!!! Yes.. Yes, there is rules..yay..

  • Follow the rules, or your banned
  • If you accept a challenge, you have until the next challenge to complete it
  • Do not abuse teammates
  • Do not bully
  • Everyone welcome
  • Have fun

B) Well, now that all of the boring stuff is over, let's come up with a game!! How about, Finish the Story!! You start with once upon a time, and you write three words that make up a story, then the next person, then the next, until I say, The End. Ready? GO!!!

>.< Oh, I better get started, too. Well, how about you draw.. What ever you want!! Since this is your first day, might as well do something easy. Ready? GO!!!

:ellowee: Topic of the day will be.. What is your favorite thing about changelings? Ready? TALK!!!

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