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Author Topic: Can't start to play a game(((  (Read 131 times)

Can't start to play a game(((
« on: 2017 Jun 17, 06:17:00 »
I can't loggin in after registering. i saw a message from users that after registering, e-mail with some code should be send to me, but it's has not happened. What i did wrong, please advise!

Re: Can't start to play a game(((
« Reply #1 on: 2017 Jun 18, 16:21:22 »
The game isn't released yet.
If you're not part of the Limited Access Release testers, you won't be able to login until another wave of testers are invited, or the game is released to the public (or Open Server Weekends).

If you were invited to the LAR, you don't get a code to login, you login via the password and username you use for the forums.