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Author Topic: Help!I can't go to Ponydale  (Read 639 times)

Help!I can't go to Ponydale
« on: 2015 Aug 15, 02:02:53 »
Whenever I try to go to Ponydale my game crashes.Does anyone have same issues?  :c

Re: Help!I can't go to Ponydale
« Reply #1 on: 2015 Aug 15, 06:28:21 »
My game was crashing whenever I tried going from one area to another, and I found out a way to fix that.

I was playing the game with Windows XP, so I tried playing it with Windows 7 x64 and all my zone-change crashes stopped. Not sure if the OS is to blame, or if I just had weird drivers installed on my XP PC...

So, you can try playing on another computer with a different operating system, or try messing around with your video card and sound card drivers, maybe?

Sorry, I'm not a very good tech.  X3

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Re: Help!I can't go to Ponydale
« Reply #2 on: 2015 Aug 15, 08:42:38 »
maybe try creating an earth pony and see if you can load up in ponydale starting off?
maybe try re-extracting the files from the rar/zip

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