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Falling forever glitch
« on: 2015 Feb 20, 23:12:09 »
     So I've found this weird game-breaking bug. It only happens as a unicorn. You go to Twilight's library, teleport behind the ladder(clicking the floor might be easier), face the center of the room, teleport again, walk back a little to fall out of boundaries, and press forward to not fall into the basement. You will fall on an invisible floor that you can walk on. If you walk far enough, you'll start falling forever. /stuck will not help, it simply teleports you to an area far outside the main area. And since every time you relog you're in the same spot, you're never able to get back to land. I have to remake my player now.

     Just thought I'd send you devs a bug report. X3

     EDIT: I found another spot to do it, so maybe try something like making sure players don't fall below a certain height or something.

     EDIT 2: I reposted this to the game bugs topic, so this can be deleted.
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Re: Falling forever glitch
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Hey if you get out of the map period using unicorn powers and fall this happens. The /stuck command does nothing either