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I should draw.
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Winter is the best.

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Because he loves the power  ovO

Congrat what?

Why did you become a moderator?


i'm lonely,please chat to me


How do I join the game?


How do I join the game?



You are a great friend!
Keep being awesome!


*Knock Knock*

It seems someone left a cardboard box infront of your door. Open it?
*A sparkpone jumps out of the box and boops you*
Oh come on the poor box has been waiting a long time for you

Anniversary !

Happy Birthday for your 21 years !! Late !  x3


Happy cake day Finland pone! c:

Happy Birthday!

Happy Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday cake!
Happy Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Seahorse!
Happy Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Bakasan!!!

Happy Birthday, bud! ^-^

Happy Birthday Bakasan! :)

Yo Bakasan, happy birthday mate!
May you own them all xD

Happy Birthday Bakasan! ^-^

I appreciate that this is about 52 minutes early,
But Levy HAS to be the first to say it
Should anypony say that Levy wasn't the first...
I say NOT a chance! ovO

So yeah, Happy Birthday ^-^
Be sure to grab a pizza
and here is some cake from Levy
Have a great day!


Good work on getting on the team, you deserve it. :nod:


Congrats Bakasan! ^^

Blue Finland pone!

Congratulations mate!