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Everywhere is in walking distance if you have time
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You've just been McSleuthburgered!
shoutout to Ethereal Nebula for the avatar (full picture http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a296/Riraku/My%20Little%20Pony/Pony%20OC/McSleuth_zps32661c38.png )

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LoE Fight music

Hi there, where was the fight music on the last LoE open server from?

peek a


Here i am

please help me i can log in but now the game freezes and exits at the 'now loading' screen after server choose

I have a dream

Thats it.


Notice me


how do i play the game is it under construction? im so lost. >.<

I caught you while you weren't walking by the clocks

McSleuthburger @OSW #6 24th-26th January 2015

your kind

your very kind and nice X3 <3

" I walk by clocks just to pass the time "

Tats awesome, i usually say I sit in traffic to pass the time.

.tsap eht ni eb lliw uoy siht daer uoy retfa

O: I never though of it that way...


From sister99

Your new avatar...

is totally awesome! I saw it being made but I never saw it finished...


Thank you.


Can you fix my adavatar it is not working, please?


You've just been McSleuthburgered!


Your avatar is beautiful

Personal Text omg

That is so funny!  I just start laughing right when I read it!!!!!!

... Fluttershy best pony

Thanks for being super duper helpful :) !

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