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Merry (Late) Christmas and a Happy New Years!!!

I will like to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years.

Well I really have not much to reflect upon 2015 with you, but some good memories linger from you. Most of it come from helping with keeping the fillies up. Its a great help in pushing upwards. Though I havent been around to say it, I realized of your artistics as well. More than a great help, creativity and artistry gives some inspiration, even to me. I would like to wish you the best of 2016 and may your continuing support and creativity shine for another year.



@chloé flora : Oui, bien sûr !

[2015 Dec 19, 14:15:18]

chloé flora

mercie mes juste une question on a bien le droit de faire copier coller une image que quelle q'un a fait (que la photo soit signée) ?????

Hey Cestrum!

I have seen you before but didn't think of it!


Why is LoE playable for only a short aount of time?

Hey there, Arcen!

I don't mind, it's really nice of you actually. :)

If there's any other OC's I can draw for ya, you know where to leave the request. So glad you liked my art of Sunny Day~

Hey, Chibi!

Yo! I just wanted to express my gratitude here as well, since you've done so much for me!

Thanks for giving life to Sunny Day! Your artstyle is really cute!

And oh! I added you! Hope you don't mind! ^-^


All my pictures of Doro come from the Colors gallery, which is where you post drawings made with the Colors 3D app on 3DS


Seems im at the pm limit as well


Hello everypony


Well, I don't know about that. . .

After all, you profile pic is much more fab than mine :D


Y r u so fab
I want to be fab like you
pls let me be fab <3


Do you think I said "Catch" enough?

Nice Catch

Yup, ABC Cafe/Red and Black.

Nice catch there! :D
I was hoping someone would catch it.

Hello! :D