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chat box is still not open to chat on today it makes me sad :c

question sir

Do you ever post anything but pasta? Then again forum kind of slow, yeah?

It just seems a bit lazy way of greeting new friends.


Gonna add you


We're friends whether you like it or not, :3

i need help please :'(

How can I join a server??!


Hi, i'd just like to say your OC looks so awesome! :3

Congrats c:

Yay, you're a mod c: it's been a long time, but I came to say hello again.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday for real!

Come on the chat I'm there :3


Anyway for me to help?

I want to help with the development for LoE as much as possible, I may not be as useful though. I am very young after all...

But just let me know if I can help in any way possible! I want to help as much as possible!

The Chatbox for the forums

The Forum Chatbox will be back after the OSW

the chatbox

Where did it go and for how long?!!!



the chat

my chat wont show up at all right now (8/7/2014 10.13 pm)


im really happy that they made this game or are trying

No Way!

O: Mine is in October too!

Seriouly its not my birthday

Ok guys im not sure where this has spawned from

But My Birthday is october 9th not any point this month

I missed your Birthday?!

Happy Birthday! (Late)
:3 *squee*