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Passionate Latino Lover. Likes to purr.

Master of naps, the
Napivore. :]

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You are awesome man ^-^

KM will grant you one wish



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Nobody will ever know about the portal


Hey Laptop...

Don't worry, I won't! Thank you! lol

We really do need some sort of notification for profile comments. :P

Happy Birthday!

Happy 18th buddy!  Don't make the same mistake I did and forget these comments exist lol!

Happy Birthday!

I hope that the days ahead have the magic of a starry sky, that silver magic of the moon brings you dream of infinite hope, that each star will be colorful and full of wonderful and want them to know joy, I wish that all your most spectacular will can shine in your heart coming true all your greatest hopes, dreams and desires full of love for a humble heart that only you possess.
Happy Birthday my dear friend, that life string you strong for a long time...
Happy Birthday from your beloved friend :D


Happy Birthday my good sir!

Blue Pony

Really nice indeed, Blue, really nice indeed. :)

Pony Poem?!

is it the birthday of a pony? what is your dream. you get many wishes today! wow you really gleam! i hope that you have the greatest of times. in this pony filled world. its almost as great as a sunday dime. if your looking for fun come on down. for this is the best party in town! some people think its fake. but wait till they try that birthday cake! i know youll have the best birthday ever. but it Dosent last forever! enjoy yourself before time moves too fast. just be yourself you'll have a blast! Happy birthday to a great pony! From: That Blue Pony. To:Julius Even though i dont know you. its nice to say a nice happy birthday poem. right?

It's your birthday!

Happy happy birthday to you today~


Happy Bday Julius!

Happy Birthday!

Birthday you say?/ I must do a sketch for you/Happy Birthday!

Thank you guys!

You all make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. :')

Sweet poem Pyro, and adorable Pinkie, Pinkie. :3

Happy Birthday Julius!

Your Birthday?

Hello there, I just wanted to say

I hope that today is a really day.

You are so awesome!

You're kinda, like, the best!

I really, really hope you can guess the rest!


Feliz CumpleaƱos mi amigo

Happy Birthday Julius! :D

You're now 18? Whoa! O:

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday another year older another year more awsome I say


I forget there's profile comments! lol


now u haz commentz