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Cold...Can I have a hug?
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Let it snow!

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Changed perspective

That episode effected me to much. So I pretty much had no choice there. I don't know if you felt same way but even if you didn't... just remember that my 'Second Chances' are more like 'Last Chances.' So if they screw up again it'll pretty much prove that they're rotten to the core.

Stick together

I added you to my buddy list on here. Us with 'controversial opinions' should probably stick together...


Estonian huh? Me too!


:-3 (bloomberg) :ajshifty:

Re: Sure?!

Pony hugs, yay!


Yes u can have a hug SQUEEZE

Re: Scoots?

Hi Icy Shield!^^

Sorry, I don't remember on it that I saw you in the game. It seems I was always afk when you tried to talk to me.

And sorry for my late answer!

English or Russian peoples!

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