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Loyal Defender

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Octavia is best pony!
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PPH will be missed...

... though LoyalDefender sounds awesome. I hope you succeed in everything you do through hard work and skill.


I'm sorry for you... :(
I just wanted to know why LeviathanTS would not answer me, but I did not know it was going to be a bit heavy...
And besides, at that time, I was tired, and I had to sleep for about 2 hours and 30 minutes...  :facehoof:
Well, I hope it will not happen again, I was not at all, sorry... :(

But I still noticed that he looked a little different from before, maybe I'm wrong, but yet, I noticed myself, I know him... He often already solve my problems, since my very first !

This property is true, LeviathanTS was always nice to me...
But all the time I saw it... as if he was laughing... Maybe finally I'm wrong... Hmmmmm.... :ajshifty:

LeviathanTS is our friend, Yay !  ^-^

[2016 Jun 03, 20:28:39]

Good Friend :3

hes a really nice person