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Original Characters / Re: OC design help
« on: Yesterday at 17:58:21 »
Well, what design do YOU like most? The bun would be the most common tail in the show, but that's the point! Your oc, is YOUR oc!! You are the one to decide if your oc is one with the crowd, or stands out! But, this is you opinion. If I were you, however, I would choose the seacond tail, like my oc's.

Thread Games / Re: ask a question and and get silly answers~
« on: Yesterday at 16:48:21 »
I don't know what your talking about. I've also never played the game. The void must be as big as a void.


 :l ... Seriously... Do I even have to answer that... True...
The pony below me plays club penguin.

Sign-Up Threads / Re: To Tartarus and Back
« on: Yesterday at 16:32:53 »

I was making my form before you posted, btw.
Name: Illusion

Gender: Female

Race: (non-ponies approved on individual basis) Dragon

Heroic Trait: (At least 1) Strong

Tragic Flaw: (At least 1) Temper

Important skills and abilities: (Talent included) Able to turn into a giant, Change voices

Physical Description: (Or pics if you got them [please put pics in a spoiler])
Normal Form

Giant form
It's a cowincadince that they look the sameish

Description: Illusion was known for her temper, and destroyed cites. When she loses her temper, she turns into a humongous dragon. One day, Celestia  banished her to Tarturus. After many moons(when twilight became an alicorn), she released her, under the care of Luna, for Illusion didn't really like Celestia. Luna made Illusion go with the group to Tarturus, for her knowledge of the place seemed helpful.

Thread Games / Re: DO YOUR CHORES! (Reactivated)
« on: 2017 Feb 24, 19:20:01 »
Do changeling's count? Actually, My teacher is a dragon! She lives in a mountain.
Go to the mountain, and ask her. Don't worry, she's nice. Tell her Aqua sent you.

 :ellowee: Flame..

 B) Got it *Flame walks up to the two ponies*

Does this count? If so, true.

The pony below me plays Sims. (If you do, CAN YOU GET A GHOST PET ON THE XBOX 360 VERSION OF SIMS 3 PETS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!)

Thread Games / Re: Username Combo
« on: 2017 Feb 24, 18:20:21 »
Aqua Thunder(maybe this is for people who want to make an account, and they can use these stupid awesome names!)

Thread Games / Re: DO YOUR CHORES! (Reactivated)
« on: 2017 Feb 23, 18:59:42 »
(Omg I still can't believe the dragon theme is still going on)
Here it is.. Dang it, the dragon burnt it.
Find Fireproof camp equipment.

Thread Games / Re: ask a question and and get silly answers~
« on: 2017 Feb 23, 18:57:19 »
Because CLOUDSdale is in the CLOUDS(I don't get it either)
Why does Gaster speak in Wingdings? Actually, When does Gaster speak?

Thread Games / Re: Username Combo
« on: 2017 Feb 23, 18:41:15 »
Super Sayian Aqua Fire
(I'm teh worst)

*A Fireball appears next to Aqua(she has both fire powers and water powers, Flame has fire, and Drop has Water.)*

Trulse. I'm not sure, I may have tried it when I was young and don't remember. But I sure won't eat it now!

The pony below me has been bitten by a lizard, not an iguana, a LIZARD. Like an Anole. I have. It doesn't hurt.

Thread Games / Re: DO YOUR CHORES! (Reactivated)
« on: 2017 Feb 20, 19:31:16 »
It does. I think. The words are in wingdings(look it up(#gaster#undertale)).


NO... I like little cute comics about them(that DONT involve blood(mostly by Star Moon)), and Tony Crynight's animation, but anything else.. NO!!!!!

The pony below me has at least one unique oc. I have a lot.

Edit: Well, I guess that is a lie, now. I made an oc for fnaf... It's a mix between Bonnie and Mangle, I call her Bangle. I know, so original, lol.



The pony below me has a pet.

Sign-Up Threads / Re: Dimesions (sign- ups)
« on: 2017 Feb 20, 08:53:07 »
@SandFire Alrighty!

Name: Aqua Fire
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Species: Earthpony
Description: Aqua Fire was training with her older brother, Lunar Knight, a bat pony, to control her powers, and her personalities. She just about had the control over it, when her personalities took control, or should I say, she THOUGHT they took control. Really, it was just a portal by the scientist. The scientist then grabbed her, and took her to the place. She fainted when the scientist appeared.
Personalities: Flame and Drop. Oh, not them, oh, well then. She brave, kind, loyal, sometimes shy, and angry.

Original Characters / Re: Pony OC: Design and Resources!
« on: 2017 Feb 20, 08:42:03 »
My oc WAS a green dragon, but now, she is a daughter of a bat and pegasus, younger sister of a bat pony, friends with all kinds of creatures(including Star, a siren), and is very unique herself(most of these perks came from Lightning Bliss). She is a yellow earth pony, with an orange/blue mane, orange and blue gloves, orange and blue eyes, a griffion tail, a rainbow dash styled mane, she has water and fire powers(don't question my logic, though I'd question it, myself.), and half a fireball, half a waterdroplet as a cutiemark.

Post Merge
And all that came from ONE drawing at school.

Thread Games / Re: DO YOUR CHORES! (Reactivated)
« on: 2017 Feb 20, 08:33:52 »
I don't have a phone, I have an iPad.
Get me a phone so I can get my dragon.

Thread Games / Re: ask a question and and get silly answers~
« on: 2017 Feb 20, 08:29:24 »
Because they want to have dough much fun on the roof(kill me now):facehoof:

Why is Sans called Sans?

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