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Hello everypony! I'm afraid you've stumbled upon one of the least interesting threads on all of these forums DD:

I'm Nitrouspony, one of the many talented artists on Legends of Equestria. My name is Eric Zahn, I'm only 15, and I joined this project a little over a year ago when it was EO. That was the same summer I became a brony and decided to start doing digital art. A lot of things I did back then were very mediocre in my eyes, especially compared to what I'm pushing out today. In only a year, I've learned how to do vector graphics, make Flash animations, make video, and "program" in JavaScript/ActionScript/UnityScript. Indirectly thanks to LoE.

Other things you may want to know about me are that I'm a Christian, I am South Korean-American,  I'm a procrastinator when it comes to being productive or sleeping, I try to make mobile games on iPhone and Android (I do have one released but it isn't that great so don't try and look for it), I love my Mac, I can't decide between Android and iPhone anymore, and SweBow is best pony.

Here's my dA if you're interested in art I might do: http://nitrouspony.deviantart.com/

I hope I keep improving and pushing out content at the rate I am now and I hope Legends of Equestria is one off the best games you will never pay for.
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