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Meet My OC!
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Name: Flawless Aurora
Age: 20 (Human) = Young Adult
Race: Alicorn/Unicorn Pony
Gender: Mare (Female)
Personality: Flawless Aurora is one of those royalty ponies that practically cares more about her friends and fun than being a mentor and taking responsiblity as princess. Though, it's not uncommon for her to skip a few days of fun to do her princess duties around Ponyville to boost her self esteem up when she personally brings it down. She is a caring pony and loves cute things, animals and foals. A motherly mare, loyal, kind and a silly little thing once you get to know her. SHE IS A SUCKER FOR ASIAN CULTURE AND FOOD! x33
Likes/Dislikes: Asian Culture(Chinese/Japanese), Ramen, General Tso's Chicken, Lo Mein, Seafood(Shrimp/Crab Meat), Friends, Magic, Princess Twilight Sparkle, Cute Things, Foals, Animals, Nature, Interesting Books, Royalty, Being Admired, Adventuring, Happiness, Reformed Changeling Designs, Creativity, Art, Pastel Colors, Favoritr Color(Lilac)/Negativity, Queen Crysalis, Vegetables, Rainbow Dash & Applejack, Too Much Responsiblity, Paperwork, School, Loosing Friends
Job: A Chinese Buffet
Relationship: Classified
Other: I can be a unicorn in no alicorns allowed role plays!

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Re: Meet My OC!
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Race: Alicorn
Job: A Chinese Buffet

I don't know why, but this made me laugh really hard! lol
No, I'm not laughing at you! No worries!
You have a very cute OC. :3

Though I could sort the Likes/Dislikes category better.
To be honest I'm not sure which ones she's supposed to like or dislike.

Re: Meet My OC!
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Ah! Heheh, look for the / as this is a sign it is serperated like in the title, also, her apparence has change and her name as changed to something else. I need a help with a new name, it needs to fit her cutie mark, her new design is my new avatar. And Twi is still my fav.  X3

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Re: Meet My OC!
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So, did you put this for roleplaying or you put it to have some kind of story for your OC? ^-^
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