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Odd Ponies
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These are who I have so far, my other characters are still in the works.

Race- Pegasus
Gender- Male
Age- 20
Fur- Grey
Mane- Yellow
Eyes- Blue
Cutiemark- None
Personality- Can be mean, cruel even, but his intentions are always pure.
Background; Ebah was born to a struggling family. His mother did what she could to get by, but his father was pretty much never around. He's not sure where he was born, due to his mother making him and his siblings move around so much. Being used to this kind of life, he became a wanderer of sorts when he got older. He loved being out and about, especially in forests. Something about a quiet, wooded area just gave him a sense of peace; probably because he tends to think too much. Traveling was one of his favorite things to do. He's been to all kinds of towns in various parts of Equestria, but never stuck around in one place for too long. He doesn't typically spend time around other ponies, he can't stand a lot of them. However, despite his disliking of other ponies, he's always willing to help a pony in need; if the need arises. While he can be pretty laid back at some times, he's struggling with himself almost constantly, as all ponies do on occasion. "But, hey; that's just life."

Lollipop Candy (Candycolt)
Race- Earth
Gender- Male
Age- 22
Fur- White
Mane- Shades/Tints of Red
Eyes- Yellow/Orange
Cutiemark- Two crossed red lollipops
Personality- Warm, welcoming, kind, generous, basically the ideal pony!
Background; At a young age Lollipop always had a knack for throwing together some rather interesting pastries and sweets. He didn't know why, until he got his cutiemark though. After that, he set off on the adventure of creating his own candy shop. It was a huge success, everypony loved him and the candy he could crank out in record time. One day a very peculiar looking pony came in and tried out what he had. Having enjoyed what Lollipop was selling, he gave him the nickname 'The Candycolt'. Thinking that it had a nice ring to it, Lollipop kept the name and started introducing himself as that to anypony he met. He was more than happy with how successful his shop became in such a short time, but not being able to share his passion with more ponies constantly rattled his conscience. So, he did the only thing a passionate pony looking to spread joy would do. He started traveling! Now he goes from town to town with his trusty candy cart, selling to ponies all over Equestria.

Lucky Clover
Race- Earth
Gender- Female
Age- 20
Fur- Dull Green
Mane- Orange
Eyes- Hazel
Cutiemark- Four Leaf Clover
Personality- Friendly, tough, hot head
Background; Orphaned as a child, Clover was taken in by thestrals in the northern mountains. She was raised among the bat-like ponies as if she were one of them, adapting several traits from their race. Thestrals were raised to be both strong and proud, which shaped her into a heard-headed fighting machine. The specific family she grew up with, as well as others around her, had thick accents that she took on as she got older, making her sound like she crawled straight out of Ireland. Being an earth pony, she was picked on more often than not as a child. This treatment did little to help her feel welcomed, but did wonders on helping her stand up for herself. Despite how Clover may look to others, she is a force to be reckoned with. Many ponies who have tussled with her, fell quickly to her hooves. Further down the line, the call to adventure shrieked into her ears, prompting her to leave the northern mountains and travel around Equestria.
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