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As you all know this is my oc, Glitchy, SO I will give more information!

Eyes: her other eye is the green version
Origin: she was once a normal pony, then one day, her mother, being corrupted, castes a spell to make her look ugly, but it didn't work on a certain stallion (you will find him on my deviantart warriorcatS0624.   .    ) and he fell in love with her as she did for him, he is the only one to know that when her father was alive, he would beat her when she didn't do something perfectly, and surprisingly she isn't a perfectionist.
Dislikes: activities and darkness
Extras:he quote is "it's not about when or who they are born as, but of what and why they where born too do it, and for the lost and the scared, they will shine a light in your eyes as you will to them." (SUE INSPIRING!!!!) 

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Re: Glitchy
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You had to add this info in the Original Characters page, if you want to Role Play. Pictures are enough in the Art page, I think.
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