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Cinema Camera Bug
« on: 2016 Jul 31, 22:02:47 »
The command /cinemacamera or /cc for short is used to control a free flying camera. Normally I would use this function to take good screenshots with F12 but this OSW was not the case. Every screenshot I had taken in the cinema camera mode did not take the screenshot I had the camera aimed at but instead, it took a photo of my character in the spot where I first enable the camera. This led to a lot of confusion when I looked through my screenshots to find a lot of duplicate screenshots of my character standing in the same spot.

Also, another bug with the camera is that when you do /cc false to disable the camera, you're character is frozen in place in the point of view of every other player. Using /cc true then /cc false also enables you to sprint infinitely without losing energy, if you're a unicorn, you're teleporting skill is also bugged. This is reset when reloading however.
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