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Crimson Feather
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Who am I? I'm only the best PR pony to ever gallop across the internet, and the M.A. Larson of the LoE team, I keep the hype train running like a Big Macintosh with Pinkie Pie's energy  -.-.

When I'm doing pony PR things I'm doing human journalist things (Twilight isn't the only one that discovered how to travel to another reality). I make the cliche and uncreative red and black/grey OC look cool (take that angsty Deviant Art).

You can find me in the chat room randomly, I'm like that magnificent elusive Pokemon that can only be caught with a great ball or better, you don't have to be shy around me as I'm a decent guy (yes, lets go with decent. :/), I enjoy video games, movies and cartoons (Which includes the occasional pony or two).