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Author Topic: MLP audio podcast, audio dramas and more!  (Read 1171 times)

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MLP audio podcast, audio dramas and more!
« on: 2015 Jun 18, 19:33:54 »

Starting this August I'm going to be hosting a MLP themed audio podcast.
The exact date is not quite set, but probably sometime after Bronycon.
The date is planned for early-mid September, quite possibly later.
Good gosh, lot's of hardware issues and the cast having personal lives have set up back even further, so far we have no EToA.
Sorry folks...

This has not been forgotten, things are still moving along, just slowly, but the are moving.

The cast will consist of me and a couple of my friends, though the full cast has not been decided either.
The cast has been decided, though there will only be 3 of us there'll be plenty of fun to go around.
Quite possibly more in the future.

The podcast will host guest stars on occasions, so we hope to see some of the more well known bronies join in on an episode or two!

On top of that later this year I'll also be starting an audio drama series about ponies, though no cannon characters will appear we still will bring lush characters, cute stories, and other enjoyment.

Seeing as this will have many more characters and such it's not impossible for some more of my friends to get a chance for voice acting and such.

So far the basic scripting is being written for some of the stories.

That's all for now!
I'll update this when more information comes...
Stay tuned!
Just an update, things are still being worked on and still in motion, I'm just working some stuff out 'cause life is a butt. -.-
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Re: MLP audio podcast, audio dramas and more!
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Can't wait :3
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Re: MLP audio podcast, audio dramas and more!
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Wooo another thing to do.  :]

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