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I will like to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years. Has been pretty fun both in the RPs and outside LoE. Though it wasn't very much, I will like to thank you for the fun moments we have and I am glad to enjoy them with you. Hope to continue having fun in the future. Hope you have a wonderful Merry Christmas and an awesome 2017. Best wishes!

- Peacekeeper


I booped you cuz your my buddy now!

Merry (late) Christmas and a Happy New Years!!!

I like to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years.

I like to say thanks for a great time this year. Well not very much interaction, surely we had some good times both in the forums and in the LoE OSWs. Its amazing you record that much video. Perhaps all the memories you love to cherish. Hehe guess we both got memories we like to cherish. I like to wish you the best of 2016 and hope to meet you again in future OSWs or have more fun in LoE.

Your buddy:

LOE weekend

Hah, I saw a screenshot of you saying, "I hope to get a lot of PMs from you guys! I'm MMTfan1 on the forums!" So have a message!  =P  That was a fun weekend.