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I'm secretly a DJ pony
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I will like to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. It has been so long since I ever saw you return, and seeing you once more time warmed my heart. Makes me happy to see an old friend return and keeping up with the Sonics. You have done wonderfully and even if it is for a short time, we had good times here. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and Hope that 2017 be an awesome year for you. Best wishes to you!

- Peacekeeper


Why hello there lassie. Indeed, it's been a while. I'm out of the ponyverse as of now so i'm not as active as i once was. But i'm doing good, thanks for asking.

Hope it's going well for you too. Be seeing ya. Take care~


ik it has been along time but I miss u and sorry I didnt came here for a long time cause my computer crash :/

Re: Hi

Thank you! ^-^
A good friend of mine helped me with it.
Have a nice day.



Thanks! it's not everyday I find someone who likes that same thing I do.

Hiya, DJ!

Thanks for the party! I'll be friending you! Hope we can interact more!

So that's what it was

stuck in a new location! huh. I always thought it was dude, no kitchen! X3


I'm sorry we were not able to meet up very much in the game but I am glad we did get to meet even for a little bit it was fun

Twiley is cute. x3


About the Twiley picture

Thanks! x3

I found it in DeviantArt. Indeed, you can make your own pose with those 3D models of Equestria Girls.

Cheers to moar friends

This pony is on the swaggiest ponies ever list.
No seriously brohoof /)


Yeah, I usually just pop online for a few minutes, then I go idle for a while and eventually I come back, it just sort of depends 'cause I get distracted in other tabs sometimes ^^'

Hi again.

We could meet in the OSW. Oh, I am one of the elements of my herd The Evershade Crusaders. We are a herd built to help other ponies. We will be in the Levade Servers. If you want to join, feel free. It is open to everyone.

Hi, and thanks

Thanks for the kind words. You pretty cool yourself, and it is pretty cool talking to you in the chats.


yeah! i would love to see your art! ^w^

How are you

Hi there Ponies how are you

Next time will be my 2nd time

2nd time, 4th day on the server, I could meet you on a server and show you around and stuff.


Why thank you!  I think she's pretty too ^-^