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Hehe !

And thank you ! :D  :3

[2016 Oct 17, 19:37:59]


I was going to make a sience joke but i know i won't get a reaction

Happy birthday Induction! ^-^

I hope today is great for you ^-^

Un(fortunately) I can't think of another physics joke right now so...

A neutron wa...

I'm not even going to bother with that one >.<
...Annnnnnyway you can at least get cake from me, and a hug ^-^
*Frost Burn gives you a big hug, and some cake*


Really dig the Rainbow Dash on your bike tank.

What's this?!

It appears to be a present
The somewhat invisible gift tag reads "may contain a fluffy surprise"
It is also quite heavy, and doesn't seem to appreciate being shaken

Open it?

Frost Burn bursts from the box and hugs you! :P

Merry Christmas Induction, may you have a great day! ^-^
I'd annihilate you and convert you into gamma photons but I consider you a friend so I won't :P


Hi there dr.
It is nice to see u again ^-^


Haha, very funny...


*growls and drops tree on Induc*


With the hands on skill of a tech


Glad somepony appreciates my avatar, curtesy of Ramisha ^-^

its from

an animation i made.




Hello Dr when do I get an appointment?


you have Power-Grid-Sized Capacitors and insulators?!? XFMRs, too, probably?

also that flourescant bulb to 3 phase power wires pic, using my oscilloscope i noticed when i touched the probe i'd get 60Hz ~1Vpp on the scope, and going up and wrapping my hand around the power cord, i'd get 10 Vpp on the scope. I'm such a good antenna :I

I Approve Of

Your Photobucket Vehicular Photographs. TOYOTA is best Make. And whatever Black magic experiment is going on in that signature.