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Farewell Friends~
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Farewell Friends

I've left these forums, but I hope you all enjoy yourselves. Ciao and take care.


That's nice to see somepone with a nice intentions as you see im pleased to meet you :D

aww :3

Wow, you are nice :)

My first friend on this side yeah (:  I would love to do something, maybe a game or a chat (idk^^)


Thanks for the comment on my profile, yo! Nice to have somebody break the awkward silence! o3o

I apologize for my use of that emote, it just came out of nowhere.

Anyway, it's cool to see that you're into roleplay, because I am, too!  Mostly on tumblr, but it doesn't really matter where I do it as long as I can spread some of my whimsical stupidity. :>

Well, thank you!

...Even though I joined sometime back when the latest stress test was up. Even so, I was kinda inactive here... but something like this may make me stick around more often! So thank you for the post!

How COULD you? D:

Oh no, the cleanness! The organization! You have ruined the pureness of my forever alone page! The horror, the horror!

Oh, but putting that aside, hello my dear FRIEND :D *Cough*EventhoughI'venevermetyoubefore*cough* Well, I'm always willing to put my writing to the test! I desire improvement, to soar beyond my walls of comfort and finding something new. I've been doing it lots in the past, but seem to have stopped within my little sphere of ideas, not really trying anything else. The shame, the pure and utter shame! D: ( Let's just reuse jokes like the sad sack I am...)
 I have seen you around the forums, too. You seem to have a love for extravagant words, eh? Not to mention fun ways of wording the even the simplest of things. Man, I should start doing that. Only I'd use it in stupid situations, like when the toaster is done or something. Yea, people will think I'm losing it...

Hey buddy =)

thanks for your warm welcome... and it´s also nice to meet ya too^^ well, I'll look around a bit myself but thx for your willingness to help =) Maybe I'll come back to you if I have some questions.

Oh Luna...

I'll message you IF i survive this weekend. Then life should calm down for me to start poking around the community ;)

Nice to meet you.

Thanks for the welcome. Yes my profile is a little lonely looking at the moment. I hope that changes in time ;)

I love chatting with people too ^_^ Lord knows when I get started, i have a hard time shutting up *facepalms*
I'd start being active on the forum, but I honestly don't know where to start, or where'd I fit in >.<

I don't role-play yet. I've always wanted to, but never been able to join a group (on-line or in RL)

Um yeah... totally blanked on what all else I wanted to add. (oh well)

See you around ^_^

A Long-Anticipated Return

Long have we missed you,
Your poetic virtue;
The fatherly love you have shown.

Since the day you awayed,
All our hearts went astray;
And life has become grey as a stone.

But, hark!  Our good friend has returned,
The gentle knight for whom long we have yearned;
The torches relight
And the ponies delight
The revival of the great Galvin Roe!


It's been a month Galvin, where are you?  0:)

Roe where you hiding

Sir Galvin Roe where have ye escaped to my friend your absence has been duly noted


Hail to thee, sir Galvin Roe!
Thine is the title which well-deserves kingship!

You might have. Expected. This.

No rainbows :D

J'ello 'Ello Hello

Hello There.

You have achieved a friendship. :D



Happy Birthday! :D

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday you crazy pony

Hello again

Long time no see Galvin :D

Happy face

You filled my profile with joy! Now I shall bring joy to your profile, thank you once again!