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Re: Mindless Violins

Hi @EredarOmen! I'm really glad you commented -- I saw your questions on the wiki but they were way too old to reply to. Anyway, Mindless Violins took me about a month to write. It took a few weeks in editing, and then waited a month or two before being implemented. It took about two weeks, if I recall correctly, to implement. I don't remember how long that was. Anyway, I hope that answers your question!

A question about Mindless Violins Quest

Hi Blue Ink.
If Mindless Violins is by far the longest quest on LoE, then how long did it take to be developed?

Re: A question

Hi @Spiralfeather -- it has definitely been read! It should have been replied to, which I will check on. Thanks!

A question

Hiya! I was just wondering, I sent an email to the devteam containing some issues with the game, some suggestions and just some general compliments about the game. Do you think they will read/recieve it at all, or even reply?

Re: BabsCon 15

Thanks, @Half_Snap! It was excellent meeting you! I'll keep an eye out for you during the next OSW. :)

BabsCon 15

It was super awesome meeting you last night! Looking forward to the next open server coming up. I can finally make an OC lol.

Position:Public Relations

Hello,Blue Ink.
I sent you an email, because I realized that the game was recruiting: Designers,Server Managers,Public Relations,among other positions.
I wanted you to answer me by email(Or by own forum)if I qualify or not for the position.
Email used to send the message (My e-mail):[email protected]

I have to inform you that

your mane reminds me of the blue repulsion gel from portal 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7V0HBwHfEw