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my dream pony breed

my dream pony have golden body,butterfly wings,a mark on their forehead and fishes'tail.
they live in water and eat weeds.
they can turn into things whatever they like.
they love people(especially girls)to stroke their head.
their nose can sniff out TREASURE so people love to pet them


Your avatar is still horrifying


Couldn't log in: couldn't connect to host.

What I do? :(

An idea for a new race of ponies (Dream Pony)

An idea for a race of ponies is they have soft black thick fur, wings like Pegasus, and have a gem in the middle of there forehead.
There culture is they like the night, they can use magic by singing and they can talk through there minds.
They love singing by water where the moon is reflecting, they can hear music in nature and the song of the heart.
They live up to 800 hundred years, there very wise and they keep to themselves not wanting to get in between the strife of the other ponies.
There songs of the heart leads them to there one to be and there very loving of there children.  (there is more but only if your interested and you can change things if you want)


spike y withe


I want to play but I can why? it says update has fail i need help =(

for starters that is awesome im glad your a dogtor and why i

I just registered today


You haven't noticed me in a while. :/

Sorry for the bother, but....

...when is server weekend open? I just joined here (kinda) and would love to get on ^-^ . Again, sorry for bothering you! :(


Chat is dead please talk to me.

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday buddy!




Notice me ;~;

You're a programmer of the game!

Thank you for help make this game possible! Even though i'm just a person who will play the game soon thank you!

My new avatar...

I know, right? It's perfect! Here. Have a bigger version: http://i.imgur.com/iVroHdO.png

Your new avatar...

Your new Avatar is creepy looking! he's staring into my soul! O:


I need help with my Advatar again!

u don't see me!



Hello Senpai~~~
Have fuuuuun~