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Dragon Ponies will Fus Ro Dah your face off!
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I did have a sketch started. I'm still trying to figure out how it'll look in the end.

I was at the verge of cancelling it, but I'm willing to give it a chance.
Also, I was gonna make it a surprise. Though I think it was proper to reply back.

Sorry, I didn't mean to "ignore" the case. I've had a lot in my book for the past week.


Oh yes Hello Shadow Mare! I love your picture! Your drawings are out standing ^-^ O:


So far you're the only past member I've seen that's greeted me. All I see are new ppls.


Yup. Back again. :P


Those might be it for any of me drawing your characters, so hope you enjoyed. :P

Happy New Year!

Dawn Mare and Torch appear as players in my new Smashing LoE drawing~

i need to scan it

and color it still

i need to color it


first you need to---

GM: Get Viper's autograph for me! :3


what? :)


what I mean by having dragons in their family is that their ancestors were dragons. Like, their great great great great great great great great great  great great greatx100 grandparents were dragons. They kept the heritage, even if their parents married ponies, the dragon pony gene will always dominate the pony gene :3


*GM plays digimon with Spark

let's trade pookamen!

please???? i'll give u a legendary :3

their eating dinner


don't talk back to me young man

or no digimon for you :3