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Thanks Creeper... I wish for flügel der freiheit!
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now let's all agree to never be creative again thank you Sugercup
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I dont know who you are or how i ended up on your profile,

but it must've been to warn you that DawnsEmbrace is false and green is best OC color. Dawn is very sneaky and tells such tall tales. :ajshifty:


Is not a very creative color.


...Uh, for an OC, of course. :ajshifty:


it's uh not my birthday Yet X3

Happy birthday dude.

It's your day to shine bright,
I hope your joy reach great height,
I wish you a happy birthday with all my might.

Happy Birthday!

Hope your day was wonderful!

Happy Birthday!

Have a great birthday, FlameandIce!

Happy B-Day!

Have a nice day, FlameandIce!

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to a great friend and amazing pony!


Happy birthday :)

Huppy Birthderp

Huppy Birthderp J ^-^

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday Flame! :D

Happy Birthday!!

That your life is full of colors, the ones who make a show that enchants the rainbow. I wish it were really so, for all that you never stop giving, for friendship, chatting, your being special! Simply because everyone is given to have someone who understands us and accompanies us on the fly, because even if some roads run parallel does not mean you can not be so close.
Happy Birthday! :D


Happy Bday Flame! :D


Happy Birthday and many more to come

Happy B-day!

Hey... Look, it's your birthday! Hope you get all thatcha want! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

happy b-day

i know it's early, but I' not sure if I'll be on April 3rd


um yes?