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LoE veteran, playing since July 7th 2013!
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If you want to meet Scootaloo, be on the lookout for her during OSWs!

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Goodbye, for who knows how many time...

Is a very long story that I dont want to talk about anymore. I just came to say goodbye to you because im not coming back so soon and youre one of the few persons here that really deserves to be reminded. It was an honor playing hide and seek with you and maybe one day we could do that again somewhere else. Good luck my friend.


Where did you been?

I enter yesterday but you werent there D:

I'll be waiting for ya

Well, see you on Saturday then ^^

Ill be there *w*

I cant wait to see you again X3

So many time since we played that last Hide And Seek game :P

Where are you?

Is been forever since the last time I saw you. How are yaaaa? XD

July 2016 OSW

Unfortunately, I won't be around until 5-6pm EST tonight, for this OSW. Work!
Buuuut, after that I shall attempt to hunt a Scoots. Though from past experiences, you are very elusive prey.
At the very least, it'll let me fly around and see what's changed!

Re: Congratulations

You're welcome! And ooh, quests! :D I can't wait to see what it'll be, but whatever it is I'm sure it's going to be awesome! Glad to hear your dream came true, that's pretty amazing :) looking forward to experiencing everything you, and everything everyone else has put into LoE! ^-^


Hi! Just wanted to say congrats on getting the new writer position for LoE! You tend to organize a lot of cool events, so now that you're a part of the team I can't wait to see what you'll add to the game! You deserve this :) best of luck to you!


I had so much fun at the oper server i happened to run into breezy,fluffle puff and Elowee I was Choco Smores and kewlpatch

Next OSW

We should really try getting together sometime again. Like a hide and seek event, hopefully when the servers aren't so buggy :D

Timber Keyblade

How do I get a picture on my profile?

Read \/

Hey! Let's be friends :3


I tried looking for you guys, but I couldn't find you. I was really upset xD
Which means I couldn't play hide and seek no more.

Replying to comment

Heh, no problem!
Also yeah, I stood as long as I could.
Also the servers are down. Well there are private servers, but I think it is a bit more fun to actually wait for Open Servers.

Lukey Schmooky here

Hey Scoots! It's me Barney from Black Mesa!

But no for real, hello. I am so glad I found you! I wanted to thank you and all the others for all the fun you gave me on the OSW! Hopefully we meet again on the next one.

I am on Solaris

with Apple bloom. Come if you like.

go to



I am getting on in a few minutes. My sister will be playing, too. Levade server.

I will get on

the minute the server opens, on levade. I will be playing for one hour. My sister will be playing too, at the same time. So you should expect Babs and any one of the CMCs.

Private Server

Yesterday I found out about these private server builds.

Mobs and quests are still missing, but it has all items (including fluffle Puff costume).
Would be great to get a group together for some rp there.