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LoE veteran, playing since July 7th 2013!
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2013 Jul 06, 19:33:26
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If you want to meet Scootaloo, be on the lookout for her during OSWs!

Profile Comments

Where did you been?

I enter yesterday but you werent there D:

I'll be waiting for ya

Well, see you on Saturday then ^^

Ill be there *w*

I cant wait to see you again X3

So many time since we played that last Hide And Seek game :P

Where are you?

Is been forever since the last time I saw you. How are yaaaa? XD

July 2016 OSW

Unfortunately, I won't be around until 5-6pm EST tonight, for this OSW. Work!
Buuuut, after that I shall attempt to hunt a Scoots. Though from past experiences, you are very elusive prey.
At the very least, it'll let me fly around and see what's changed!

Re: Congratulations

You're welcome! And ooh, quests! :D I can't wait to see what it'll be, but whatever it is I'm sure it's going to be awesome! Glad to hear your dream came true, that's pretty amazing :) looking forward to experiencing everything you, and everything everyone else has put into LoE! ^-^


Hi! Just wanted to say congrats on getting the new writer position for LoE! You tend to organize a lot of cool events, so now that you're a part of the team I can't wait to see what you'll add to the game! You deserve this :) best of luck to you!


I had so much fun at the oper server i happened to run into breezy,fluffle puff and Elowee I was Choco Smores and kewlpatch

Next OSW

We should really try getting together sometime again. Like a hide and seek event, hopefully when the servers aren't so buggy :D

Timber Keyblade

How do I get a picture on my profile?

Read \/

Hey! Let's be friends :3


I tried looking for you guys, but I couldn't find you. I was really upset xD
Which means I couldn't play hide and seek no more.

Replying to comment

Heh, no problem!
Also yeah, I stood as long as I could.
Also the servers are down. Well there are private servers, but I think it is a bit more fun to actually wait for Open Servers.

Lukey Schmooky here

Hey Scoots! It's me Barney from Black Mesa!

But no for real, hello. I am so glad I found you! I wanted to thank you and all the others for all the fun you gave me on the OSW! Hopefully we meet again on the next one.

I am on Solaris

with Apple bloom. Come if you like.

go to



I am getting on in a few minutes. My sister will be playing, too. Levade server.

I will get on

the minute the server opens, on levade. I will be playing for one hour. My sister will be playing too, at the same time. So you should expect Babs and any one of the CMCs.

Private Server

Yesterday I found out about these private server builds.

Mobs and quests are still missing, but it has all items (including fluffle Puff costume).
Would be great to get a group together for some rp there.


Sweetie Belle here. Really enjoyed playing with you. :)