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i mean it would be cool if you wanted to talk to m
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2013 Jul 06, 11:40:29
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The ponies I will play as:
Schmooky Luke, Barney Calhoof, and Floofie Pillow
Steam: Schmookyluke
Skype: schmooky_luke

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Doctor Icing

Mah name is Doctor Icing
I'm very grateful you came to my office the other day for a check up. I am glad you are in good health. I am prescribing you one slice of cake since you already eat enough dessert in your daily diet. Please only eat one slice a day and if you forget to eat a slice, eat half a slice the next day. I hope you stay in good health and your next appointment is on the 29th of July. Your previous appointment will cost you only 10 bits since I'm a generous pony. You can pick up your prescription at your local bakery or pharmacy.
~Doctor Sprinkle Icing
My office: 2834 East Clouds Boulevard, Cloudopolis Equestria



Bro hoof

*Gives you a bro hoof* Thanks, man! ^-^

you gon go far kid



sure. B)

I ran out of paper... :(

I know.

I just meant how long you have continued with Hide & Seek during the event before the servers closed.

Hi there!^^

I have to thank you too; for attending my third Hide & Seek event! 0:)
And also for staying so long, I think you were there until the very end of the event.
How long have you guys continued to play after I gave the command to Rose Blossom and left the playing group?


Yeah, I can't wait for Lost World! And its fine.

DANG IT! Sorry!

IDK how the heck that happened, but sorry. It's not letting me delete it!

Sonic is awesome

Sonic is awesome, and I'm excited for Sonic Lost World. How about you?

Sonic is awesome

Sonic is awesome, and I'm excited for Sonic Lost World. How about you?