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"The sight of battle excites me."
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The most common accident is the one noone expects.

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How do you even play this game?

Merry (late) Christmas and a Happy New Years!!!

I like to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years.

I like to thank you for a fun time this past year. Though not a whole lot together we had this year, it is enough to last a good memory. Most of it is in the RP. You are pretty fun to RP with. You have a unique style of RPing, and a unique OC to interact with. No need to worry too much on leaving. I ain't mad at all, as long as you had fun RPing. Thank you for a good moment there. I like to wish you the best of 2016 and you keep having fun for another year.


Happy.. Day?

I guess since you hate today, all I can say is, I hope that it goes well? Idk man, it's your thing. X3

*Boops your snout*

Hehe my turn.

*is coming your way*

Hugs....huuuuugs...hehe...hahahahaha!  ovO


Showwy Doomy, my meds made me very sleepy i passed out X3

dun wry

you may have done horrible things but remember we still luv u <3

That personal text...

I see what you did there *teen titans reference*


Since when? Hangovers are bad for my memory


Alright, but i thought that we already were friends X3


You! I like you, let's be friends... And perhaps get me off this hangover...

RE: your avatar...

Aww, thanks X3 and no, i haven't, don't have the recording hardware for it

Your avatar...

...is extremely well drawn, have you considered posting youtube videos showing how to draw ponies?

New signature


That Signature...

...is a brilliant one. The End all the way!