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Beware the writer. She will feed off everything you say and store it into her memory, so don't be surprised if a few years from now you open up a book and see something you said years ago there. I'm always watching ovO

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Yes, never again are these lands white

Now we have color and depth, I've painted upon your empty canvass and never again shall it return to pure void.

Heh, insanity, yeah that's usually how it goes with me. People think I'm crazy at times but then I come across that word combination that is just so~ And yes that's the end of the sentence, unless you want to put quality there, because that too would work just as well. Either-way it seems like I'm working on a novel in the confines of 'life in Canterlot' I may move it over to an actual RP if enough people are interested in that nonsense. But it's really just a story I seem to have in my mind and need to throw out . . . hmm.

 Either way I'd suggest you take a look at my 'Kingdom of Seven Stars' RP, I'm reviving it, as I've been away for a time . . . and I'd really like to complete that one. But if you join don't think I'll LET you become complacent, such a concept doesn't exist in writing for me or those I know. I shan't allow it!

 Anyhow take care and I hope we may speak more later.

Another Writer!

Well, hello-hello! Come here and shake my hand miss lol. hehehe but seriously I just wanted to leave a message here on your profile! It was just so empty, so lonely (so clean). Let's clutter it up a bit with some banter! I've see you around on some of the RPs but I haven't had the pleasure of role playing WITH you. A simple comment but I certainly wouldn't mind testing the depths of your writing abilities, if you wish to test them XD.

 Anyhow, GalvinRoe here saying hello and wishing you the best

 ~ Kind thoughts from your new friend, GalvinRoe