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I am a glass bat pony
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2016 Jan 16, 15:01:28
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2017 Mar 23, 00:17:09
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Remember this is the grind. The battle royal between you and your mind, your body and the devil on your shoulder who is telling you this is just a game, this is just a waste of time, your opponent are stronger than you.
Drown out the voice of uncertainty with the sound of your own heart beat.

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Thanks my favourite glass bat pone! c:


can you tell jajan that i can't use daviantart and talk to you

Oh you!

*Pulls a fluffy scrunchy face* :o

Silly glass batpone! ovO
*Revenge boops you* :P


I'll get ya next time for that boop  ovO

Merry Christmas love!

and a happy new year!

I hope you enjoy your new years eve!



I will like to say Merry Christmas and Happy New years. I like to thank you for the fun times we had in the chat. You make chat interesting and funny, and glad to enjoy them with you. I know you can make a great friend for anyone for funs. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and an awesome 2017. Best wishes!

- Peacekeeper


Hey, hello ! :D
it's been that I have not seen you...

[2016 Oct 17, 19:09:09]

Happy Birthday!

You're one day closer to reaching your dreams! =P

Seems like there is something on your table

there is some muffins on the table, You pick the plushie up to find yourself, Weird right?

From the Returner , a Cat-pony


Revenge booped :p


Sup SandFire. Great to see you around here.

I'm doing well here, still alive, and keeping the peace.


Its good to hear from you again and I hope you are doing awesome!

Sneakz in to yer msgs.

Hugz you back :P

Two can play at that game... :P

*Levi hugs back and doesn't let go, even if you wanted to escape you couldn't :P

A Wild Mogeko Appeared!

*Pokes you and Steals your Food*
Battle Ended! you lost all your food and was poked.

*Levi comes running towards you*

Levi tacklehugs you into the blanket ocean and boops your muzzle, and then returns to hugging the silly glass batpone :3

Sorry, it wasn't my fault, it just happened ovO

Hehe, thanks! :3 <3

*Levi leaves a large bowl of fruit for his favourite batpone* :3
There you go! You won't have to steal fruit for 2 minutes now ^-^

Thanks SandFire, I think you are awesome too, and I hope things go great for you, because you deserve awesomeness too! ^-^

I'm still going to boop you though... I don't care about whatever antibooping devices you have hidden! ovO


Lol I plan on being here for awhile. Hope to see you around as well. And don't worry about breaking things. I'll just send the bill to LoE :D

I just want to hug you... :(

Just a little closer... 0:)

*Levi heats SandFire's muzzle yet again and boops him to give him a permanent scrunchy face* (again) ovO
Daw... now you are even more adorable! :3 <3

Love talking to you in chat! It is great fun :D