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Life is as fleeting as wind; don't miss it.
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"Luck is how you explain an overly-variabled scenario that went in your favor." - Asterian √Člire Starfall

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Look at you...

Still one of a kind.

Hello again,

I was wondering if you could see if my revised version of Super Nova fixed some of the things you pointed out, would really appreciate it!

Thanks for reading, Bubai!


You guys flatter me... Thanks.

Your really smart

Kind too, you're probably smarter than anyone I know.

You are...

... you just don't know it yet.

it is

I like smart people I wish I was as smart as you

Thanks, I think.

I'll presume that was a compliment. Thank you!

so smart

I think your way too smart understanding ponywars and playing so skillfully if you ever wanna rp signup for my megamare rp thingy


Good to see I have that sort of impact on people!

What's Up?

Hey, Asterian! I just wanted to post a little blurb here to say, I really like your character, in the creative sense, and in the actual, "would like this character if I met them" sense. This is gonna sound really dumb, but I hope we can be friends here!

Well, I sure hope you do :3

Give me a shout if you need ANYTHING, can't promise I'll be able to help, but I'll sure try.

 Can I ask though that you post your reply to my profile or send me a message? Otherwise I'm not notified of your response D:, and I might miss your response >_<.

 Anyways, I hope you've been having a great time thus far and I encourage you to stretch those muscles. It's not just great practice, it sure feels good :3. See you later friend, take care~.

Greetings, my friend!

Hello, GalvinRoe! No rhyme intended there...

Anyways, I might feel like joining you! I enjoy RP-ing; gives me a chance to flex my creative writing muscles!

Thanks for the heart-felt welcome!

Hello, hello, hello-hello!

Hello there~ Just wanted to give you a fine greetings~ You are no longer new around here but I've never had the chance to wish you my best, nor offer my arm in friendship!
 I was wondering if I could entice you to join or help make some more original Role-plays in the similar named section. I don't know too much about you, my new friend, but i have a feeling you might be helpful in the revivification of our lost creativity ;D. I'm just getting back from a five month hiatus and well, most the role-plays going around right now are substandard and unoriginal T-T.

 ALOT of game references and ALOT of copy-cats we are honestly starved for some new creativity :/. I'm working on one myself but I keep drifting towards the 'complex' and . . . well that isn't very good to get a bunch of new-games into.

 I'll keep working but I hope to see you in that section, WITH some creative new ideas :3.

 But, then, there is the fact you are here JUST for the game lol! If so I can't help :/, I honestly have no interest in the game. I've always been here to make friends, debate opinions and progress my creative spirit lol.

 Haha, well it was nice meeting you one way or another, and I hope we can get to know one-another better, until then:

 Best wishes from your friend, Galvin Roe~