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excuse me and the world please how in equestria sepose to up

please answer

i need it too



me that 3d site

Thank you

Thanks for talking with me and the others in the chatbox. It was a pleasure to meet you!

Keep up the good work :)

I was on the youtube channel and the trailers and music for the game seem so good! I even managed to see one of the streams. And these forums are really nice and organized. Keep up all the good work and be sure to pass out high fives ^_^


Ohhh please tell me that those I wrote for my computer are OK!!! I didn't know what to write!!!

I hope I am in, my cousin and I never played the game because the servers never worked.


its says this game is currently unnavailable
reply if you can at least hint at whats happening

Wondering about the Beta testing Opportunity.

I just had a quick question. I was looking over the application for signing up for the Beta testing position in LoE, but what I'm wondering about was the payment arrangements, I was wondering if anypony is getting paid for the Beta testing, or if it was just for a voluntary position?

I'm wondering this as I'm quite busy nowadays, but I think it would be worth it to give the Beta testing a try. I've been an audio engineer, a creative director, game designer, lead artist and a project manager/producer.


So December, everyone can play?

Thank You! :D

Thanks. c;


oh well

Ellowee Pls

Ellowee, it's my dream to get a response from you. ;D

sunshine rose

hello ellowee


Hi Ellowee! I remember where we were sitting tho! One of the moderators said, the update will be fillies too! But I don't know it will be on July or December? Btw, it's good anyways!


Uh... This Page Says The Game Is Available...?
But It's Not....


Hello, Ellowee! It's so nice to meet you!



I'm 3D artist

I'm new in 3D but I feel good in it!
here are my results:

And i would love to help you for free!
This practice will help me a lot!
So please find a little time and give me some test job to do!


how do you downlode the game i want this game for so long ⩾ᨓ⩽