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Head of FUN.
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Honor salut

Hope you come one a little often, I had enough fun talking with you, well when had such chance, hope to see you soon.

ErmAgERd Anyaaaaa!

Dang I found u I wonder why your never on the chat I'd really enjoy a talk with all faithful administrator comment to me if u have something to tell me my pm I don't want full so if you'd like to talk tell me if not that's ok ~ love Your admiring fan blade






no matter what, your art is great. i love the ponyville here. :)


You changed your name and Icon!
Well, the pony icon is much cuter then the other one...is Liska your Ponysona or OC now?

Truly awesome...

Hello AnyaSmash! I make it a point to try to congratulate all the LoE staff for doing their awesome job awesomely sooo...
Congratulations on doing awesomely! Tell the rest of the team they're awesome too! X3


tipping intensifies

Epic profile.

Dat is one amazing lawn mower. That's for sure!

lol what!?!?

Wh-why did the lawn mower do this!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!


Love your avatar!
Piggieh POWAH!!! XD

Y So happy, corky?

... Can't really blame you when your lawn mower flies

New signature?

I noticed.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to ya!


Excuse me. But when will the game be able to be downloaded again? And will we have to buy it?

I'll be your protector!

Shadow Mare and Spark will save you... I just wanted to post a comment on your profile.

Your banana.

I just stared at your sig's banana for 5 minutes...
Guess I'm hungry, or low on vitamin K but basic instincts are better.


Happy belated b-day anya :D

Happy Birthday!

I hope you have a awesome day! :3