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Creativity is intelligence having fun
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I am a student digital artist and a big fan of Steven Universe and My Little Pony.
See you in Equestria!

DeviantArt: Pastel-Pony-Artist

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Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you, butterfly! I hope I meet you in the OSW, and I hope that you, dashie and I will have a great weekend in Equestria!

What's this?!

It appears to be a present
The somewhat invisible gift tag reads "may contain a fluffy surprise"
It is also quite heavy, and doesn't seem to appreciate being shaken

Open it?

Frost Burn flies from the box and glomps you!
Noooooo! Don't leave the forums!
If you have left the forums, our time together was short but (Cherry) Sweet
Merry Christmas Butter! hopefully you don't see too late :P

You're butter right? I might just melt you since you just clicked no! :P

Hi There!

Hey, this is Crystal Whirl. Thought I'd add you since it was so much fun playing hide and seek with you! Hope to see you next OSW!! ^-^


This is Epic Prose/Daring Do! Figured I'd come friend you over here :3 Was a lot of fun playing hide and seek with you!


Just friended you.