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i wish you one to :)


Just wanted to leave a reply to let you know I did read yours. I hope everything is alright for you. Now have a good dream. :)


I don't know you, bu I wanted to tell you that I saw you on LoE taptalk chatroom


i miss all of you ponys soo much i colld cry


Miss you... :(

[2016 Jul 07, 17:20:26]




I'm sorry not to come on Skype... For I is not too used to go there and I do not like...
*hug for you* ! :D

[2016 May 07, 12:26:33]

Hehe !!

*hugs* ! :D

[2016 May 05, 08:25:59]

Waves giving you a friendship muffin

i hope so too

Waves giving you a friendship muffin

Why hello to you K9 your profile here is looking most amazing thank you for letting me have a look around. I do hope that you will make many more wonderful pony friends to come. :D

What's this?!

It appears to be a present under the tree that has been missed
Oh well, you can still open it I guess...
The somewhat invisible gift tag reads "may contain a fluffy surprise"
It is also quite heavy, and doesn't seem to appreciate being shaken

Open it?

Frost Burn jumps from the box and gives you a big hug!

Merry Christmas k9! I hope you consider me to be your friend, I definitively consider you my friend ^-^
Sorry if you feel ignored at times, but chat can get quite chaotic, so it can be hard to respond to everypony

(Sorry, this was a bit late)
I know... it is too pretty to open isn't it? :P

Hey !

I like* you !!  :)
*like, not lick,  I was wrong to do word in the chat, sorry.... X3

[2015 Dec 21, 18:48:00]


[Just sitting here]


yesthey are


humans are bad for you v:

Friendship accepted

Glad you wanting to make friends. Hope to have great times here. ^-^


ok thank you very much



After what I saw in chat, you have a hard time getting friends... I'm sorry. I guess we could be friend and I'll try to help you. (Not sure if I can help you everyday and there's days I will be busy, so I'll try)


yep thank yow